Trans-Alai, Muzkol, Sary-Kol and North Alichur Ranges in Eastern Pamirs by the Road 'Osh-Khorog'.

July 5-30.

Collecting items:
8 species of Parnassius - autocrator, charltonius (anjuta and mistericus ssp.), staudingeri (hunza, infernalis and jacobsoni ssp.), kiritchenkoi, simo avinovi, simonius nigrificatus, jacquemonti pamirus, actius brutus, 4 species of Colias - wiskotti aurea, marcopolo, eogene erythas, cocandica hinducucicaabout 10 species of Satyridae - mostly Karanasa and Paralasa, various Nymphalidae, especially Melitaea, two dozen species of Lycaenidae and Hesperidae. Moth collecting gives not many species and exemplars, but most of them are rare; and very rare. beetle collecting gives the same results. Do not forget that value of Pamirs specimens is much higher than value of ones collected in other regions of the Middle Asia!

Staying in tents. The camp will be at altitude 3,800-4,200 meters.

A minimum group size is two persons.